Tips for Choosing a Dog Crate

Those reading this likely have a canine friend who’s a bit of an escape artist. Some dog breeds are very strong and have powerful jaws that can chew through wood and metal given the time and opportunity. However, even dogs with less strength will find and exploit a crate’s weak points. Some owners keep dogs crated and unsupervised for long periods during the day, and a bored animal has nothing to think of besides escape. While it can be confusing trying to find an inescapable dog crate, the tips below may help.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Dog Crate

Heavy-duty dog crates may be a worthwhile investment for pet owners who value their possessions and must keep their animals crated at certain times. All too often, a dog owner returns home to find valuables and furniture destroyed by a bored, curious dog. Indestructible dog crates can help pet owners save money and provide them with peace of mind during the day. Escape is another point that bears considering, especially for owners who frequently travel with their canine friends.

Other Factors to Think About

Before starting the process of buying a dog crate, the pet’s owner should know what size they’ll need to comfortably hold the dog. Portability is another important aspect to consider; there are tough, escape-proof crates available that are collapsible and portable. Dog owners should consider build quality when choosing an escape-proof crate, as a poorly-made crate can cause serious injury to a fleeing animal. Those looking for portable crates should give significant consideration to the quality of the building materials. For instance, aluminum is lightweight and strong. Steel is heavy and durable, and the weight won’t be much of a factor for crates for home use only.

A Final Word

When taking care of a dog, the owner should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. There are no guarantees in life, and there’s always the possibility of an inquisitive pooch escaping. Cheap dog crates are a big risk, as they aren’t always made of the highest-quality materials. By following the tips above in choosing a sturdy, more costly dog crate, a pet owner can keep their furry friend safe when they’re unable to provide supervision.