The Importance of Choosing the Right Dog Crate for Any Dog

Not all dog crates are created equal. This is not to say that some are necessarily bad, the truth is a crate must be suited to the specific dog that will be using it. Learn more about the different types of dog crates and how to choose one suited to one’s individual dog by reading on. Also visit, for information on containing the escape artist.

Most puppies and docile dogs will do fine in almost any crate. Shopping for these dogs is a snap. Notice that this says most puppies will do great in any crate. There are some puppies that are escape artists from the beginning. For these cute pups, cheap, poorly made crates are easy to get out of. They quickly find a way to get out and wreck havoc on the house, but more importantly, they put themselves in danger. Anyone lucky enough to own one of these adventurous and intelligent pups need a heavy-duty, escape-proof crate. They are made using better materials, and are designed to keep the little pooch inside where he belongs.

Those who enjoy large, powerful dog breeds must also pay close attention to the crate they choose. Heavy-duty crates are a must for powerful dog breeds. These types of dogs can quickly destroy the average kennel. The average kennel is built for the average dog. The dog who barks, and whines, and who is crated to keep him contained while the owner is away. It’s not made for the large, destructive breeds that would laugh at the average crate if they could.

Choosing the right cage for a dog is the first step in keeping a dog safe and contained when the owner cannot be there to watch the dog. Another important step is making the crate a happy, safe place. If a dog feels that the crate is used as punishment, or if the dog feels abandoned, and ignored, he can become depressed, and develop bad behaviors. Be sure to help the dog adjust by providing positive reinforcement with praise and treats. When the dog sees the crate as a good place to be, he is less likely to try to escape.